Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Wedding Speech

How should this be said?
How many a time, a letter is written and spoken out loud to proclaim love.

So. I stop.
I stop and chose my words very carefully.
I stop and look at my life.
I look at my dreams.
I look at everything taking me here to this moment.
To this very second in my life with you all.

Each step in our lives changes our souls.
Every morning we wake.
Something is different.
Even if it’s something we can’t see, taste or smell.
Something has changed.
Something has crossed over.

For me.
Moments are stories.
Each change each new day is a story or a new script or short story.

But having all those moments all those thoughts and dreams alone.

Makes my soul feel empty.
For me sharing all those changes all those days with the one I love gives it all a new meaning.

For me it enriches my soul.
It fuels my art.
It challenges me.

I believe things happen in life for a reason.
That we all live on a plain of possibilities.
It’s just up to us to see those possibilities and strive for them.

When I met Kris I knew something was different about her.
Something stood out beyond anyone I had ever met.

She is the one that has captured my heart, my mind my soul.
She is the one that holds my dreams and future within her eyes.
She is the one that has made me see my world in a whole different way.
She is the one that I want to spend my life with.