Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Director Robert Altman, 81, Dead

Robert Altman, the man behind the lens on "M*A*S*H," "Nashville" and "The Player," died Monday night at a Los Angeles Hospital, his Sandcastle 5 Productions Company said Tuesday. He was 81.

The cause of death was not disclosed, but a news release is expected later today, Associated Press reports.

Altman was nominated for an Academy Award five times for directing, most recently in 2001 for "Gosford Park." He was given a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 2006, where Altman revealed in his acceptance speech that he had a received a heart transplant a decade earlier.

Altman's most recent film was "A Prairie Home Companion," starring Meryl Streep.

Robert Altman's films have inspired me and has fueled my passion as a filmmaker.
His work was unique and stood out in style and writing from any other American director. He's our Truffaut, Antonioni, A true master to learn by. His films span a generation. He made films till the end. For that is what its like to be an artist. To live it. To breath it. To ends one life doing what one loves.
Today we lost a real original.

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